Full Truckload(FTL)

Streamline your shipping even further with our efficient Full Truckload (FTL) service. With FTL, you get the entire truck dedicated to your shipment, ensuring faster transit times and reduced handling.

Full Truckload

What is FTL Shipping?

FTL stands for Full Truckload shipping. It is a transportation method where the entire available space in a truck trailer is utilized for a single shipment, usually belonging to one customer. In FTL shipping, the goods being transported fill up the entire truck, and there is no need for consolidation with other shipments from different customers.

Why Do You Need Full Truckload(FTL)?

You need FTL (Full Truckload) shipping for faster delivery, large volumes of goods, reduced handling, and secure transportation of bulky items. It offers exclusivity and cost-effectiveness for substantial shipments and time-sensitive deliveries.


Efficient for Large Shipments

FTL is the perfect choice when you have a substantial volume of goods to transport. By dedicating an entire truck trailer to your shipment, FTL maximizes space efficiency and ensures your goods reach their destination without delays or additional handling.

Faster Delivery Times

Time is of the essence, and FTL shipments offer faster transit times compared to other shipping methods. With no stops for consolidation, your goods are dispatched directly to their destination, ensuring prompt deliveries for your time-sensitive shipments.


If you have sizeable quantities of goods to ship, FTL provides a cost-effective solution. The per-unit cost reduces as the volume increases, making FTL an economical choice for businesses with significant shipping needs.

When to use FTL shipments

FTL is ideal for shipping substantial quantities of goods, especially if you have more than 10-12 pallets or a total weight exceeding 10,000 pounds. It offers cost-effectiveness for moving large loads. 

FTL is beneficial when you need to meet specific delivery windows. With less handling involved, FTL reduces the risk of damaging items and ensures timely deliveries. 

For valuable or delicate goods that require minimal handling and fast transportation, FTL is a wise choice. Having the entire truck dedicated to your shipment enhances control and minimizes the risk of damage.

What to consider when selecting an FTL freight carrier

When selecting an FTL freight carrier, consider shipment requirements, reliability, pricing, experience, safety, and customer service. Look for carriers with proven on-time delivery, competitive rates, and expertise in handling your specific freight. Prioritize safety, insurance coverage, and excellent customer service to ensure a smooth and efficient shipping process for your goods.

Why use Tenaxx as your FTL Partner?

With Tenaxx as your FTL partner, you’ll gain significant advantages. Enjoy cost-effective solutions for large shipments, faster delivery times, and secure transportation for valuable or delicate goods. Our extensive experience enables us to maintain a steady supply chain and handle non-stackable or bulky shipments with ease. Benefit from exclusivity, control, and exceptional customer service. Tenaxx ensures a seamless and successful shipping process, catering to your unique requirements and delivering your goods efficiently and reliably. Partner with us to elevate your logistics operations and propel your business growth forward.

Experience the same ease and speed with FTL freight quoting

Say goodbye to hours wasted comparing carriers and rates. Let us handle your freight needs and share the load efficiently. FTL shipping is the ideal choice for shipments over 15,000 pounds, and with Tenaxx Logistics, you gain real-time tracking and reliable equipment for all load sizes, providing you with the confidence to manage your business effectively. Discover the advantages of booking FTL freight with Tenaxx Logistics:

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