Expedited Shipping

From a single large box to a full truckload, collaborate with our team of expedited freight experts, guaranteeing top-notch speed and efficiency for your shipments.

Expedited Freight Services

Fast and Efficient Expedited Freight Solutions

Get fast and efficient shipping with our Expedited Freight Services. No matter the size, we’ll make sure your shipments reach their destination quickly. Count on us for reliable and time-sensitive deliveries tailored to your needs. Let us fast-track your freight and meet your urgent shipping demands.

What is Expedited freight Services

Expedited freight services are specifically designed to guarantee quicker delivery times compared to standard shipping methods. Customers opt for expedited shipping when they require urgent delivery or have time-sensitive shipments that must reach their destination promptly. With expedited freight, businesses and individuals can rely on accelerated transportation solutions to meet critical deadlines and ensure their goods arrive on time. 


Access to a global network of multimodal contract carriers for space and equipment availability.


Fast and reliable global freight services, including truck, rail, air, ocean, and LCL options.


Dedicated support from expedited service experts for efficient management of time-sensitive shipments.

Three things to consider when booking expedited freight

We understand the complexities and challenges your supply chain can bring. Count on us to provide solutions with our expertise in expedited delivery and deep regulatory knowledge. With our support, you’ll address any obstacle with ease, ensuring a smooth and efficient supply chain operation. To ensure a speedy and efficient shipping experience with expedited freight services, shippers should consider the following factors:


Keep in mind that expedited shipping rates may be higher than standard rates. Use an online freight service provider to find the best and most competitive rates for your shipment.

Online Tracking

Choose a carrier that offers online tracking for your expedited shipment. This way, you can monitor its progress and address any potential issues proactively.

Online Tracking

Choose a carrier that offers online tracking for your expedited shipment. This way, you can monitor its progress and address any potential issues proactively.

Shipping Options

Understand your expedited logistics choices. Determine if your shipment will be on one truck or split between two. Decide whether you need a full truck or just a partial one. Proper preparation and planning, with the help of a 3PL company, can ensure a successful delivery.

Benefits of booking expedited freight with Tenaxx Logistics

We make shipping easy and fast with our expedited freight services. You can trust us to find the most efficient ways to expedite your freight, and we provide real-time shipment tracking for peace of mind. Our flexibility ensures we can handle all sizes and types of expedited freight, and our vast carrier network specializes in prompt deliveries. Offering quick and timely shipments, we help you improve customer experience and stay ahead of the competition.

Swift Solutions for Seamless Shipping: Trust Our Expedited Freight Services!

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